Maritime Museum

Today was a successful day.  I don’t think I heard whining all day and I spent the whole day with my kids.  How does that happen?  First, we started off with homemade blueberry muffins.  The Boy was happy because he ate blueberries.  The Girl was happy because instead of me putting blueberries in her muffins, I gave them to The Boy to eat and she got blueberry-less muffins.  After a successful breakfast and even happy baths, we set sail for our many adventures today.  We dropped The Hubby off at his office and went to a birthday party.  I thought it might be raining and that would have been a shame because the party was at a park and the rain would have ruined the rest of our day plans as well.  We lucked out with a nice sunny day.  The party was a hit.  After we finished up there, we picked up The Hubby and dropped him off at a rehearsal.  We killed time by hanging out with the toys at Ikea.  Once again, we picked up The Hubby, but this time we got to keep him to ourselves and we all went to the harbor where we could visit the Maritime Museum.

The Maritime Museum is home to 8 or so ships.  For the price of admission, you can tour these ships.  The Star of India is their prized possession and is the world’s oldest active ship.

It was first launched in 1863 and now sits in the San Diego harbor.  It also sails about once a year.  We also toured a couple of other ships, an old yacht from the early 1900s, some replicas of old ships, and two submarines.


The kids were really excited to be on the boats.  Ever since I mentioned it last week, I couldn’t even say the word “boat” or The Boy would go crazy.  I didn’t learn a whole lot about any of the ships so it’s good that I was given a pamphlet before hand so that I could read about them when we got home.  Mostly the kids just wanted to run around and look at everything, not caring much for the historic value of these “pirate ships” (that’s what The Girl thought they were).  The Girl was more than excited that there were cannons on board.

We stopped at McDonalds for dinner on the way home and Target to spend The Girl’s allowance money on a new princess doll.  We came home with two very happy, very tired children.  What a fun day!



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