Spring Garden Festival Visit

We ended up making an appearance at the Cuyamaca College Spring Garden Festival on Saturday.  It was a fun event!  There was an area set up on the lawn for vendors.  My favorite tent was the SD Creative Weavers Guild.

They had bags full of llama hair that they were spinning into yarn.  Then others were using that yarn to make a sweater.  The goal was to have the hair turned into a sweater by the end of the event.  I never went back to check if they finished, but it was quite interesting.  From there we went across to the Water Conservation Garden.

It is a fun little botanical garden with a lot of good information on (obviously) using water conscious vegetation, among other things.  My kids were fascinated with this miniature house that gave information about creating a fire buffer zone.

If you look in the mailbox, you can take a flyer home with you.  The conservation garden and the nursery were also holding plant sales and had all sorts of plants.  The Girl learned about the life cycle of a butterfly.

There was plenty of fun for the kids, including coloring and face painting.  They both came home with plants of their own that they planted at the nursery.  There was lots of food and even some entertainment.  Our last stop of the afternoon was the Heritage of the Americas Museum, which is right outside the Water Conservation Garden, but the museum deserves a post of it’s own.


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