Please excuse the lack of posts lately.  We’ve been on vacation.  And having said that, I’ll post some pictures of our trip (or at least one.  My camera battery died halfway through our vacation so most of the pictures are elsewhere.).  We didn’t stay around here.  We drove to the south rim of the Grand Canyon, then up to Zion National Park and back down through Las Vegas.  Soon, when I get the pictures from The Hubby’s phone, I’ll show you exactly what I did and prove to you that I really did climb to the top of a really, really big rock.  (And I was kind of freaked out as I looked down thousands of feet on either side of me.)

Grandpa and the kids on the edge of the Grand Canyon


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  1. This picture literally makes my hands and feet tingle and makes me want to look away and throw up. I didn’t think I was afraid of heights until I had kids and now I’m a paranoid delusional catastrophizer. Lovely photo, though! 🙂

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