Coyote Music Festival

Saturday was the 3rd annual Coyote Music Festival at Cuyamaca College.  Since The Hubby is one of the main guys there in the music department (and the main music tech guy), he has to be there.  It’s an all day festival showcasing local bands.  It’s put on by music students in a music industry seminar class to help teach them the logistics (among other things) of running a festival.  Every year they get a bit more publicity and every year the bands seem to be better.  I always go with the kids.  It’s free and it’s family friendly.  We’re never there the whole day.  That’s just too much for them, but we do have a good time.  Saturday we caught the last two bands.  They were both great and the kids loved it.  As we were leaving for a birthday party that same afternoon (before we went to the festival) I told The Girl that the Coyote Music Festival was that day, and that we would go as soon as the birthday party was over.  She got so excited she could hardly contain herself.  She loves to run up near the stage and bust a move.

More than the music this year, the kids were excited about The Rocking Horse Guy.  He is the owner (and builder) of the biggest rocking horse in the world and he lives right here in El Cajon!  He’s even in the Guinness Book of World Records!  He travels all over the country with his huge rocking unicorn, giving kids (and adults alike) the ride of their lives!

We had a great time chatting with him and rocking out.  The Girl was a little nervous in the beginning when she got on the horse and The Boy wouldn’t even get close, but by the end of the festival, the three of us were up and riding together.  What a fun treat!


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  1. Steve

    Is that dude wearing a skirt? Cool!

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