Heritage of the Americas

A month (or maybe two!) ago we went to the Spring Garden Festival at Cuyamaca College.  Since then, I have been meaning to tell you a bit about the Heritage of the Americas Museum there on campus.  The day of the festival, they were offering free admission to the museum, which we took full advantage of.  The Hubby had been once before, for a professional development class.  He mentioned how he thought we would like it and he was right.  The museum itself isn’t that big, but it houses a lot of interesting artifacts.  Of course you will see a lot of Native American items.

There were a number of headdresses and clothing from different tribes and time periods, as well as art work and animals and bugs.  I loved all of the intricate bead work on many things.

It was also fun to see a real saber tooth tiger skull.

Probably the highlight, though, was this jade burial suit from ancient China.  Incredible!

I think the kids enjoyed the museum and it was a great way to teach them a little bit about our American heritage, but they may have been too young to understand much, but I guess most museums would be like that with a two-year-old and a five-year-old.  I would definitely go back and would love to spend a little more time really learning about the things they have on exhibit.

Oh, and just a note: like most museums, don’t forget to turn off your flash if you want to take pictures.  I didn’t even think about it until I was reminded by one of the workers.


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