Over the weekend, my cousin and I took a trip to Los Angeles to attend a baby shower for another cousin of ours.  I met at Brooke’s house and we drove together.  On our way out of town, she convinced me (which I’ll admit, didn’t take a lot of leg-pulling) to let her stop at Peterson’s Donut Corner.  She assured me that they were the best donuts.  We saw this line and I believed her (not that I doubted before).

It’s not in the greatest neighborhood and it’s not the best looking building.  In fact, you can’t even go in.  You can see the donuts and pastries through the window, but it’s an order and eat outside kind of place.

I love the hand chairs

But they make some dang good donuts.  Brooke said she could never remember if it was the cake donuts or the raised donuts that were so great there, since she always gets an apple fritter.  I’m convinced that raised donuts are always better than cake donuts.  Sometimes I wonder why people ever even buy cake donuts.  But after looking at the cake donuts, I’ll have to admit that I was tempted.

I think I made a good choice with my chocolate frosted raised donut.

Not only was it delicious, it was ENORMOUS!  Seriously, I think that’s the biggest donut I have ever eaten.  I never would have been able to finish a maple bar.  Maybe the next time I’m in Escondido, I’ll have to stop at Peterson’s again and try out their cake donuts.  And it doesn’t even matter when I go.  They’re open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!  That’s my kind of donut shop!



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2 responses to “Peterson’s

  1. brooke

    Word to Petersons! Dang, maybe I should head over there right now.

  2. Steve

    OOOOoooo I want an Apple Fritter MMMMmmm…….

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