The New Children’s Museum

We spent part of Memorial Day at The New Children’s Museum downtown.  We have a membership there, but haven’t gone often enough.  We’ll make more regular visits this summer.

First of all, parking there is horrible.  It’s best to take MTS if you can.  There is a parking garage located below the museum, just off Union (at Island) but it will cost you $10 ($7 if you’re a member).  There are a few free spots across the street, but they’re only good for 2 hours and usually they’re taken.  We were lucky enough to snatch one up on Monday and since we didn’t get to the museum until 2:30 and they close at 4, we were good on time.

We haven’t been to the museum in a couple of months and they have changed things around a bit.  Right now, you’ll see animal art.

There is a scavenger hunt that you can do (that The Girl was really excited about) where you look for videos of animals around the museum.  Next to the screen, there is a green dotted line that leads you to facts posted on the wall.

After you grab your scavenger hunt page, you can fill in the blanks from the animal facts.  We learned a lot of really interesting things and had a good time.  When you finish with your hunt, you take your filled-in worksheet back to the front desk for a prize.  But don’t do it for the prize because it was lame.  Just a sticker, although The Girl thought it was the most beautiful sticker she had ever seen.  Or so she said, but I think she was a little disappointed in the prize selection as well.

We always enjoy The New Children’s Museum.   There is a lot of learning and fun to be had for the big kids and little ones alike.


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  1. Krystal Davis

    So the first picture is so cute! She looks like uncle Parker climbing. He’d be so proud. 🙂

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