Our Go-To Activity

It seems like we spend a lot of time at the zoo.  It’s so easy to just pick up and go for a couple of hours and we love it!  If the kids get cranky, we just leave!  This time we ran into a couple of friends, which always makes things more fun so we stayed a little longer than planned.  We have been lucky enough the last couple of visits to catch a glimpse at the baby hippo.

I love seeing all of the baby animals.  The Boy loves the pandas.

We don’t always stop because sometimes the line is quite long.  Recently, though, I discovered that there is another panda viewing area that is much less crowded.  You can stand in line to see the two male pandas, or you can go off to the side of the exhibit (right past where the line begins) and the female panda is back there.

To the left is the main panda line, but if you go just past there between the trees in the middle of the picture, that's where you can see the other panda.

I don’t think people realize she’s there so it’s not nearly as busy.  Soon, though, their habitat will be expanded and the viewing area will be different.

Everybody thought I was taking a picture of the panda, but I was really taking a picture of that girl carrying her dog.

On another note, I wouldn’t suggest bringing your dog to the zoo.

Really? I don't get it.

I think it’s just weird.  But maybe that’s just me.

Anywhooo . . .

the peacocks were in full bloom.  Maybe they’ll add to the baby collection soon, as every other animal seems to be doing so.

Lately on our zoo trips, we’ve been taking the Sun Bear Trail.  It didn’t used to be a regular route for us, but I really like it.  It seems like it’s kind of off the beaten path and the bears are kind of interesting.

I was a little nervous when the grizzly stood up on his hind legs, looking directly at The Boy.  I’m sure it was totally safe, but I hurried off.  We also got a funny little show from the sloth bear one day.  He wanted to show off for the kids and when we pulled up, he walked out of his den and did a little dance.  Really, it was the funniest thing and the kids thought it was hilarious.  I hope we get the show again someday!


Check out that big tongue!

This jaguar kept pacing back and forth right in front of the glass. The Boy didn't want to get too close.

That’s the zoo lately.  I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about it in the near future, as we’re planning trips every Friday.  Please join us!


On another note, The Girl went to orthopedics today where she had more x-rays and a new cast.  She’s recovering well and it looks like our summer will officially begin in 3 weeks from today with our first post-cast beach trip!  I’m excited that she’s healing so quickly and that we won’t have such a bummer summer!


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One response to “Our Go-To Activity

  1. C Ash

    Just three weeks? That’s great news! Yay, The Girl! 🙂
    We were at the zoo today. Not nearly as busy as I had expected. Can I get another “Yay!”? It has improved a LOT: More organized, seriously improved signage, better maps.

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