Creation Museum

Last week for our museum day, we hit up the Creation Museum in Santee.  A friend of mine suggested going.  She had never been there so I didn’t know what to expect at all.  The good news is, it’s free.  And it’s not far from where I live.  It’s not really geared towards kids, though.  It’s located just up the street from the drive-ins and parallels the 67 freeway.  It’s in the front of what looks like a warehouse.  When we got there, we were the only ones there.  You walk in the front door into a bookstore.  Then you can browse the museum at your leisure.  The guy at the front desk explained to me (when I told him that I thought this would be a great way to teach my kids about the creation) that I would have to do a lot of the teaching because the museum is really more for teenagers and college students.  It’s there to prove that the Bible really is true.  It goes through the 6 days of the creation (which is mostly why I took my kids anyway) and then there are a couple of different areas that show proof that everything in the Bible really could be factual.  It explains things such as Noah’s Ark and the flood and dinosaurs and the Grand Canyon, among others.  I didn’t spend much time looking at the exhibits because I had two kids with me who really didn’t care much.  I’m kind of curious about those things, although I personally don’t believe that trying to “prove” that the Bible is true really proves anything.  I think that for people to believe it, there needs to be a spiritual conversion, not necessarily factual proof.  But now we’re getting into religion and that’s not what this blog is about (but I would be happy to talk religion with you in another venue, or you can go here to see what I believe).


So, back to the creation.  I think that it was enjoyable for my kids, even if it was a little over their heads.  I think it was a good teaching opportunity for me and a good learning opportunity for them.  They especially loved the room with days 5 and 6, where there were actually live animals to see and hear.

All in all, not the most kid-friendly place, but I think I would go again.  They’re working on a children’s room so maybe we’ll have to go back and check that out when it’s finished.


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