Free Lunch

JSYK (that’s what The Girl always says to me instead of just so you know), El Cajon is offering free lunch to children, ages 2-18 every weekday through July 29.  I know Chula Vista is doing the same thing, but I don’t have the location information for that city.  In El Cajon, your kids can pick up their lunch between 11:30 and 12:30 at one of three locations:

El Cajon Library (201 E. Douglas Ave)

El Cajon Family Resource Center (220 S. 1st St)

CVUSD Nutrition Center (225 Roanoke Rd)

We took advantage of this once last week and got a pretty decent lunch.  We went to the library for our lunch and took it home to eat.  There (and I assume at the other locations as well) you can also buy an adult lunch for $2.  Not too shabby.  Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

BTW (by the way) did you know that milk comes in these crazy little bags now?  That’s how they are in school lunches.  Weird.  How they don’t make a mess, I’ll never know.


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