Museum Tuesday

I was going to take the kiddos to the New Children’s Museum again this week, but at the last minute, The Girl asked if we could go to a different museum (kind of like how yesterday I was all ready to go to the beach and the kids decided they wanted to swim in our pool instead).  So I looked up the free museums for San Diego County residents at Balboa Park and we were off.  Our first stop was the San Diego Air and Space Museum.

Waiting in line just to get in.

It was quite impressive.  We had never been there before.  It’s quite the sight to see all of those airplanes inside.

The kids loved the space module and the real astronaut suit.

Space module from Apollo 9

Astronaut suit worn in Apollo 8 (the first to orbit the moon).

And, of course, The Boy was really excited about all of the airplanes.  Also on exhibit at the Air and Space Museum is the DeLorean that’s used in Back to the Future.  I was pretty excited to see that, but it wasn’t on display.  I guess it was on display at Comicon over the weekend and it’s too much of a liability to have out on free Tuesday.  I don’t get the liability thing, but I was sure disappointed that we didn’t get to check it out.


And because it was free and because we walked right past it on the way back to the car, we stopped in for a few minutes to check out the San Diego Hall of Champions.  I’m not much of a sports fan, but there were some interesting things in the museum.  There was a section dedicated to football with a bunch of Chargers stuff,

and a section dedicated to baseball with a bunch of Padres stuff.

Then there was a bunch of other sports memorabilia.


I was fascinated by the huge surf boards.

I also thought it was funny that there was a bass fishing hall of fame.

We didn’t stay long, but the crowds were small there and the kids were good.  I’m glad we stopped in!


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