New New Children’s Museum

The New Children’s Museum is new again!  We went just last week and had a great time.  A friend of mine was going and invited us to join in.  I was glad she did.  So many things have changed and it’s fun to explore again.  Their new exhibition is called TRASH, with a mission to change how we see trash.

They have lots going on, many exhibits, and lots of fun activities for the kids, just like they did before.

Gone is the Trojan Horse and in its place is a water bottle exhibit.

Gone are the chariots and in their place is this maze that the kids could have played in for hours.

They loved it!

There was even a little area with bean bag chairs and books to read.

Some things are there still, just different.


Outside there used to be a whale to paint.  I was actually kind of relieved that it wasn’t there anymore because it seems like my kids always get super messy while painting it, but they still always want to do it.  I learned, however, that it will be replaced with a garbage truck to paint.  There is still the rock climbing area, but it has been re-vamped.

I was happy to see that the barn room is still the same.  That’s always a hit with the little ones.  As always, we had a great time and I’m sure we will be going back soon.  The Girl was a little perturbed that we went while she was in school.


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