Seaport Village

We spent Friday evening at Seaport Village. We have lived in San Diego for 3 1/2 years and Friday was the first time we have ever visited Seaport Village. How we have been here that long without ever going there, I’ll never know. I’ll tell you that it won’t be that long before we return again! We had a great time. It’s right on the bay so the views are spectacular, especially at sunset. There are a bunch of restaurants and little shops. The only one we even ventured into was the wooden toy shop.
It was such a cute little shop that it was hard to pry the kids away. There were a bunch of street performers too. We watched a fun magic show. We also saw a man balancing rocks which was very cool.



The kids favorite part, though, was the 108 year old carousel. The ride is $2 per person which was totally worth the price paid. And it paid for itself in the parking validation. Parking is $1 for every 15 minutes or $1 for up to 2 hours with validation. like I said, totally worth it. We had a great time. It was a fun last minute outing for our family. I hope we make it back soon!






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  1. C Ash

    The music CDs they sell at that little store are FANTASTIC. The hip hop one is a favorite. It’s Bible verses set to very catchy music — a family favorite.

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