Museum month is in full swing here in San Diego.  If you haven’t already done so, head to Macy’s and pick up your coupon book to get half price admission to many museums around town.  Our Saturday was spent at the USS Midway Museum.  It’s quite pricey, which is why we have never been.  It will set you back $18 per adult and $10 per child over 5.  Not cheap.  That’s why I’m loving museum month already!  We had a great time (until the kids got tired and thirsty and whiney).

The museum was really intriguing.  It’s amazing how big the boat is!  It really was it’s own little city in the water.  It seemed like we had seen everything, but then we would turn down another hallway or go through another door, and there would be more!  I learned a lot and the kids really enjoyed it.  They were worn out after walking up and down stairs all day, though.  If you plan on going, don’t plan on taking a stroller.  There are way too many areas that are not stroller accessible and you’ll have to ditch it somewhere.  I was glad The Boy was willing to walk so much.  If you have a small child, carry them in a carrier.  You will thank me later.

Opening the steam valves of the enormous engine

Attempting to open the hatch

That is one monster mixer!

There was even a surgery room!

Need a dentist?

Flight deck

And in case you're wondering, the view from the boat is pretty inviting too.


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