Summer Plan

The summer of the dissertation, AKA the summer of truth, AKA the summer of me taking the kids places so The Hubby can stay home and work on the dissertation, AKA the summer that he’s actually going to make a lot of progress (or not), AKA the summer of fun, AKA the summer of me going crazy because the kids drive me nuts being out all the time. You get the idea. We leave the house so The Hubby can work on his dissertation. And as much as they are driving me crazy, it will all be worth it when this beast is completed. Anyway, here’s out much anticipated summer plan. The kids are excited to be in full summer mode next week. I’m tired already.

Mondays: beach day. We will typically be at La Jolla Shores, probably mid-morning sometime.

Tuesdays: museum day. The museum will change based on where we feel like going, and what is free, although we’ll probably stick with The New Children’s Museum, as we have a memberships and the free museums can get pretty crowded on a summer day.

Wednesdays: movie day. Unless we find another deal with better movies that week, we’ll probably stick with Regal Summer Movie Express. They have movies for kids every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 and it’s only $1.

Thursdays: animal day, including the zoo, Safari Park, or Birch Aquarium. Since we have memberships, it’s totally free for us. We might end up at the night time zoo a few times as well.

Fridays: bowling. We signed up at kids bowl free so the kids can get 2 free games of bowling most days through the summer. We do have to rent shoes, but only one of my kids has big enough feet for the bowling shoes (and just barely), so it’s only $3.

Saturday: cleaning day. That’s pretty self-explanatory.

Sunday: day of rest. Or, according to The Girl who wrote on my list, “dreams come true day.”

I had originally planned to go bowling and movies on the same day, but Wednesday is not a day for free bowling at Parkway. So when I had Friday open, I had it as a “free choice” day. I had to specify that Disneyland was not an option. These kids think they can go there all the time! I need to reverse the habit!

So there you go. There’s our summer plan. If you would like to join us in any of our outings, let me know! Or if you would like to help with research on a dissertation, I’m sure we could use that too.

What are you doing this summer?


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