Full of Fun

So far this summer, we have stayed very busy, just as planned.  Last week we spent Monday night at the drive-in movies in Santee, watching Brave.  We loved it!  We had a bunch of friends there.  The kids had never been to the drive-ins and thought it was great!

We went bowling with some friends on Friday.  We signed up with kidsbowlfree.com last year and never went.  But Parkway Bowl was not an option of a bowling alley we could go to.  Thankfully, this year it is! So we are taking advantage of that and have gone twice so far.  The kids, especially The Boy, are loving it!

And, of course, The Girl, always wearing flip-flops, ends up every week with socks and flip-flops.  Silly kids!

We have also been taking advantage of the free lunch program through Cajon Valley Unified School District.  There are a number of schools in the district that provide free lunch to kids, ages 2-18, every week day.  The library in downtown El Cajon is also a place where lunch is provided.  The kids think that having a picnic lunch at the library on a daily basis is the best thing ever, and I think that free lunch is pretty great.

Sometimes the food is not the best, but it’s definitely worth a stop.  Last week I took my two kids and two kids of a friend.  Most of their food was abandoned, so I just took it over to a group of homeless people who tend to congregate by the library.  They were very appreciative and I was glad I could help them out in a small way.

We’re definitely keeping busy in these parts!


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