Scripps Pier

Chasing the birds

We spent our Independence Day at the beach.  Some friends of ours throw a big beach party every Memorial Day and 4th of July just north of Scripps Pier.  It’s a great little spot!  We were there ALL day, maybe 15 hours, and had a great time.  There are some tide pools just north of where we were.  It was a great little area where we could kayak, surf, boogie board, and swim.  It’s a spot where there is no lifeguard on duty, so beware of that.  The other downside is that there are no bathrooms.  There is a restaurant right on the beach, just south of the pier that has a restroom.  It was nice and clean, but I don’t think they liked us using it, especially since The Girl had to go at least six times throughout the day.  But in the parking lot just to the east of the restaurant, there is a porta-potty.  Personally, I hate using those, but when you gotta go, you gotta go and beach bathrooms aren’t much better anyway.  Despite our trips back and forth to the toilet, we had a really great time.


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