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I’ve been MIA over here for a while.  I don’t think I’m prepared to make a full comeback yet, but I wanted to make mention of a few activities that I don’t want to miss.  First of all, October is San Diego Museum Council’s Kids Free in October.  This means that up to 2 kids can get into many of the museums in the San Diego area for free with a paid adult (up to 2 kids per adult)!  We will definitely be taking advantage of this!  More information here.

Also, I saw information about Surfin’ Santa.  He comes to Seaport Village the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  It would be fun to go have a little visit with him this year.  I think my kids would get a kick out of it.  More information here.

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New Children’s Museum

Our membership at the New Children’s Museum expires at the end of the week. We took one last trip there yesterday. We rode the trolley and had a really nice time. We really have loved having a membership there. And to read about our day and enjoy pictures, check out Taylor’s zap. I’m too lazy to write my own blog right now and his is probably better than I would say it anyway.

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Living Coast Discovery Center

Although museum month has now been over for 11 days, I have not yet documented any of our adventures. We were too busy having fun! Our first museum we visited was the Living Coast Discovery Center. I was kind of bummed we chose this place first because when I got home that day, we had a mailer from Birch Aquarium telling us that members of the Birch Aquarium could go to the Living Coast Discovery Center for free in the month of March. Oh well, we’ll have to go back. We really did enjoy it and now that the weather’s a bit more cooperative, it might even be better.

I love how open this museum is. There are some trails we could follow to the beach. They are short and very easy to just walk around with the kids. I loved that we could be in nature, just how this area really is naturally. We had a great view of the city and of the Coronado bridge from where we were.

When you arrive at the parking lot, it is still a ways from the museum. There is a free shuttle from the parking lot to the museum entrance. The inside of the museum itself is quite small. It’s more of an aquarium. There is an octopus and a number of other fish. Then out back there is a big tank with sting rays and another big tank with small sharks and a few other fish. There is a short walk just outside the aquarium that takes you to see a few other animals, including a bunch of different birds. I hope we find time to go back this moth while we can still get in for free!


This starfish that captured a fish was so interesting to me


This big guy was moving all over the place

IMG_6536 IMG_6528

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Museum Month


February is Museum Month around these parts, so stop by Macy’s and pick up your pass, beginning February 1.  You can use it at many museums throughout the San Diego area for half price admission!  For more information, check out San Diego Museum Council’s website.

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Since The Girl didn’t have school on Monday, thanks to Martin Luther King Jr, we met some friends at the New Children’s Museum.  One thing I dislike about that museum is that I have to pay for parking every time I go.  It was nice to go on a holiday when I didn’t have to.  We had lots of fun sculpting, painting, and climbing.


It’s a seal balancing a ball on it’s nose

IMG_2597 IMG_2599

 Then, since we were already right there, I took the kiddos over to Horton Plaza where they have giant sized chess and checkers games.  They really wanted to play chess, but those boards were all in use (thankfully, since I don’t know how to play).  So we played checkers instead and had a great time.  Yay for impromptu fun!


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A Day in Orange County

Just before Christmas, we took a trip to Disneyland. I love Disneyland at Christmas time. It’s so magical! We stayed in a hotel the night before and the night after we went because, 1. it was cheap (a friend let us buy some of her timeshare), and 2. it’s nice to not have to travel on the day you visit the park. Since we were still in Orange County, I thought I would look for something fun to do the next day. I have always wanted to check out the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana so we decided that would be our destination for the day. First we stopped at Kohl’s for toys because they were having a toy drive and offering free admission for those who brought new toys. Because we got off to a bit of a late start, we didn’t make it to the museum until the afternoon. I wished we had gotten there earlier because we really could have spent a lot more time there. We had a great time! The kids loved it.


We didn’t visit the Indiana Jones exhibit. I don’t think there would have been time anyway. There were a lot of great exhibits inside. My favorite was the hockey exhibit. Maybe it’s my Canadian heritage, but it was a lot of fun.


We could dress up in goalie gear and try to block pucks being shot at us.


We also had a chance to make virtual shots and in another spot we could pretend to ice skate and see how fast we could go.


There was a zamboni that the kids could climb on and a number of other exciting things.

IMG_2401 IMG_2419

There was also a shopping area. The kids really loved pushing around the shopping carts and scanning things.


Each area of the “grocery store” had different question asking about how we could be more “green.” Then at the end, the kids could check out and earn a coin. That was The Girls favorite part.

The Boy loved going outside to pretend to be a paleantologist. We could choose a Dino Quest and were given an infared transmitter, which we used to find answers to clues on a scavenger hunt. There was one for all ages and abilities.


There was also a giant Argentinosaurus that taught how systems in the body work. We could walk through and see and manipulate different organs. It was educational and fun. That area was all outside, so it got a bit chilly, especially that day.

Outside in “the cube” was a rocket and all sorts of information on rockets and how they work. They have a real rocket booster engine where visitors can experience a simulated rocket launch.


Just inside from the rocket lab is the Bob The Builder area for the smaller tykes. The Boy had a great time there too.

IMG_2405 IMG_2408 IMG_2411

We had a really great time. I’m so glad we were finally able to check out this great museum! It was lots of fun and very educational for all ages. I hope we go back one of these days!

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Pacific Southwest Railway Museum

It’s been a while.  A long while.  It’s kind of ironic, because we have been busy doing stuff.  I just haven’t been busy blogging about the stuff we’re doing.  Obviously.  But I have a new resolution.  I’m going to come here and blog once a week.  I guess that means I have to do something once a week.  It will be good for us.

A while ago, I saw a Groupon for the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum in Campo.  I bought it thinking it would be a fun outing some day.  Yesterday was the day.  They have a train that runs on Saturdays and Sundays.  It goes from Campo to the international tunnel and back to Campo.  It’s 10 miles round trip and takes about an hour or so.  The kids loved it.  They got a little tired on the way back, but it was really fun.  The engineer talked to us about the history of the rail line in that particular area.  It was quite interesting.  I won’t tell you all about it here, mostly because I’m really bad at remembering things and I’ll probably get details wrong.  Just know that it was fun and a great way to learn some history.  If you’re interested in checking it out, Groupon has the deal again right now!  I might just have to snatch it up again.


Mexico bound!

Mexico bound!


The end of this tunnel is Mexico.


This is the real deal. Some of the trains on display at the museum haven’t really been restored. There are still spices and things in those jars!


I think it’s funny how similar the “go” and the “do not go this way” signs are.

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