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New Children’s Museum

Our membership at the New Children’s Museum expires at the end of the week. We took one last trip there yesterday. We rode the trolley and had a really nice time. We really have loved having a membership there. And to read about our day and enjoy pictures, check out Taylor’s zap. I’m too lazy to write my own blog right now and his is probably better than I would say it anyway.


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Since The Girl didn’t have school on Monday, thanks to Martin Luther King Jr, we met some friends at the New Children’s Museum.  One thing I dislike about that museum is that I have to pay for parking every time I go.  It was nice to go on a holiday when I didn’t have to.  We had lots of fun sculpting, painting, and climbing.


It’s a seal balancing a ball on it’s nose

IMG_2597 IMG_2599

 Then, since we were already right there, I took the kiddos over to Horton Plaza where they have giant sized chess and checkers games.  They really wanted to play chess, but those boards were all in use (thankfully, since I don’t know how to play).  So we played checkers instead and had a great time.  Yay for impromptu fun!


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New New Children’s Museum

The New Children’s Museum is new again!  We went just last week and had a great time.  A friend of mine was going and invited us to join in.  I was glad she did.  So many things have changed and it’s fun to explore again.  Their new exhibition is called TRASH, with a mission to change how we see trash.

They have lots going on, many exhibits, and lots of fun activities for the kids, just like they did before.

Gone is the Trojan Horse and in its place is a water bottle exhibit.

Gone are the chariots and in their place is this maze that the kids could have played in for hours.

They loved it!

There was even a little area with bean bag chairs and books to read.

Some things are there still, just different.


Outside there used to be a whale to paint.  I was actually kind of relieved that it wasn’t there anymore because it seems like my kids always get super messy while painting it, but they still always want to do it.  I learned, however, that it will be replaced with a garbage truck to paint.  There is still the rock climbing area, but it has been re-vamped.

I was happy to see that the barn room is still the same.  That’s always a hit with the little ones.  As always, we had a great time and I’m sure we will be going back soon.  The Girl was a little perturbed that we went while she was in school.

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An Extra Kid

Please excuse the lack of posts lately.  I feel like I’m still in recovery mode.  As mentioned in a previous post, we traveled around 3000 miles this summer.  We drove to Idaho (which also included a bit of Montana and Wyoming), to Sacramento, and back home.  We had a family reunion in Idaho and another one in Sacramento.  From the reunion in Sacramento, we picked up a cousin to bring home with us.  Actually, she is the daughter of my cousin who lives in Portland.  We spent our fair share of time at their place last summer and we thought it would be fun for The Girl and The Cousin to have some extra play time this summer.  They are really similar and love playing together.  We did have a great time, but trying to entertain a two-year-old, a five-year-old, and a six-year-old can get exhausting.  Especially if you want to show the visitor all that San Diego has to offer.

Anyway, our first destination was The New Children’s Museum.  I’ve mentioned before how much we love it there.  This day we didn’t make in until lunch time, which was great!  Usually we’re there in the morning and some days it can get a little busy.  Going on a Monday afternoon (or maybe it was Tuesday.  I can’t remember now) was perfect.  We stayed until they closed at 4.  The destination of the day was the bubbles.

We were the only ones out on the bubble patio for a while and the kids loved it!

They figured out that if their hands were all soapy from the bubbles that they could actually catch bubbles in their hands!  Who knew?  The girls had fun catching them and The Boy had fun popping the ones that the girls would catch (much to the girls’ dismay).  We also spent a bunch of time in the barn room having a barn dance.  This room is really only for kids two and under and their families so it probably wasn’t the best place for us to be hanging out, but The Boy (who is 2) loves it and so did the girls.  And, as I mentioned before, nobody else was there.  The Boy loved the switches.

We tried to figure out what each of them did.  He didn’t care so much, though, and really just wanted to turn them on and off.  I’m so glad I bought the family membership to the museum because we have definitely taken advantage of it.  We love spending time there!

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The Hubby took the kids to the New Children’s Museum yesterday while I taught violin.  If you want to see his adventures (and cute photos), check out his zapd here.

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The New Children’s Museum

We spent part of Memorial Day at The New Children’s Museum downtown.  We have a membership there, but haven’t gone often enough.  We’ll make more regular visits this summer.

First of all, parking there is horrible.  It’s best to take MTS if you can.  There is a parking garage located below the museum, just off Union (at Island) but it will cost you $10 ($7 if you’re a member).  There are a few free spots across the street, but they’re only good for 2 hours and usually they’re taken.  We were lucky enough to snatch one up on Monday and since we didn’t get to the museum until 2:30 and they close at 4, we were good on time.

We haven’t been to the museum in a couple of months and they have changed things around a bit.  Right now, you’ll see animal art.

There is a scavenger hunt that you can do (that The Girl was really excited about) where you look for videos of animals around the museum.  Next to the screen, there is a green dotted line that leads you to facts posted on the wall.

After you grab your scavenger hunt page, you can fill in the blanks from the animal facts.  We learned a lot of really interesting things and had a good time.  When you finish with your hunt, you take your filled-in worksheet back to the front desk for a prize.  But don’t do it for the prize because it was lame.  Just a sticker, although The Girl thought it was the most beautiful sticker she had ever seen.  Or so she said, but I think she was a little disappointed in the prize selection as well.

We always enjoy The New Children’s Museum.   There is a lot of learning and fun to be had for the big kids and little ones alike.

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