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Since The Girl didn’t have school on Monday, thanks to Martin Luther King Jr, we met some friends at the New Children’s Museum.  One thing I dislike about that museum is that I have to pay for parking every time I go.  It was nice to go on a holiday when I didn’t have to.  We had lots of fun sculpting, painting, and climbing.


It’s a seal balancing a ball on it’s nose

IMG_2597 IMG_2599

 Then, since we were already right there, I took the kiddos over to Horton Plaza where they have giant sized chess and checkers games.  They really wanted to play chess, but those boards were all in use (thankfully, since I don’t know how to play).  So we played checkers instead and had a great time.  Yay for impromptu fun!


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Full of Fun

So far this summer, we have stayed very busy, just as planned.  Last week we spent Monday night at the drive-in movies in Santee, watching Brave.  We loved it!  We had a bunch of friends there.  The kids had never been to the drive-ins and thought it was great!

We went bowling with some friends on Friday.  We signed up with last year and never went.  But Parkway Bowl was not an option of a bowling alley we could go to.  Thankfully, this year it is! So we are taking advantage of that and have gone twice so far.  The kids, especially The Boy, are loving it!

And, of course, The Girl, always wearing flip-flops, ends up every week with socks and flip-flops.  Silly kids!

We have also been taking advantage of the free lunch program through Cajon Valley Unified School District.  There are a number of schools in the district that provide free lunch to kids, ages 2-18, every week day.  The library in downtown El Cajon is also a place where lunch is provided.  The kids think that having a picnic lunch at the library on a daily basis is the best thing ever, and I think that free lunch is pretty great.

Sometimes the food is not the best, but it’s definitely worth a stop.  Last week I took my two kids and two kids of a friend.  Most of their food was abandoned, so I just took it over to a group of homeless people who tend to congregate by the library.  They were very appreciative and I was glad I could help them out in a small way.

We’re definitely keeping busy in these parts!

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Unconditional Surrender

Since 2007, there has been a 25 foot sculpture of a sailor kissing a nurse called “Unconditional Surrender” next to the Midway Museum here in San Diego.  Originally it was loaned to the city for a year.  The loan has been renewed a number of times, but the time expired at the end of last month and the sculpture was packed up and shipped off to New Jersey for maintenance.  It will then be loaned to another city.  The rumors are that the museum has raised enough money to get a permanent replacement.  Either way, it was kind of cool to see the statue, all taken apart and on a truck as we were driving down the freeway last week.  That was the last thing I expected to see!


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I recently bought a 2 for 1 voucher to Funbelieveable in Lakeside. It’s not too far from me and it looked like a fun spring break activity for the kids. Like many other indoor playgrounds, Funbelieveable is in a large wherehouse type building. Unlike other indoor playgrounds we have visited, Funbelieveable is mostly just a play structure. The structure is large and seems to be fun for my 3 and 6 year old. Mine are playing right now and are I trust that they’re fine. I see them every once in a while but they are hard to keep track of. The play structure includes a ball pit and a little soft basketball court. There is a smaller play area for younger ones that looks fun and safe. There are comfy couches and tables and high chairs, as well as a snack bar. Outside food and drinks are allowed, but no fast food. There is also free wifi. Just ask for the password. All in all, this is a fun change from the norm, but I can’t say I would pay full price ($10 for the first child and $8 for siblings). It’s just not THAT cool.







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Seaport Village

We spent Friday evening at Seaport Village. We have lived in San Diego for 3 1/2 years and Friday was the first time we have ever visited Seaport Village. How we have been here that long without ever going there, I’ll never know. I’ll tell you that it won’t be that long before we return again! We had a great time. It’s right on the bay so the views are spectacular, especially at sunset. There are a bunch of restaurants and little shops. The only one we even ventured into was the wooden toy shop.
It was such a cute little shop that it was hard to pry the kids away. There were a bunch of street performers too. We watched a fun magic show. We also saw a man balancing rocks which was very cool.



The kids favorite part, though, was the 108 year old carousel. The ride is $2 per person which was totally worth the price paid. And it paid for itself in the parking validation. Parking is $1 for every 15 minutes or $1 for up to 2 hours with validation. like I said, totally worth it. We had a great time. It was a fun last minute outing for our family. I hope we make it back soon!





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