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Taco Surf

We had some friends come into town over the weekend.  They’re both California natives, but now that they’re grown up, he has a job in Nebraska, so that’s where they’re raising their kids for now.  They wanted some Mexican food while they were here, so in true San Diego style, I took them to Taco Surf in Pacific Beach.  It was a hit, and just what they wanted.  I love the decor there.  There are surf boards lining the walls and the ceilings.  One board even has a leash attached.  I wonder if the guys working there just grab a board after work and head into the water.  The Boy loved the “sticker door” that was plastered with stickers.  The atmosphere is great, as is the food.  We will definitely be back!



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Living Coast Discovery Center

Although museum month has now been over for 11 days, I have not yet documented any of our adventures. We were too busy having fun! Our first museum we visited was the Living Coast Discovery Center. I was kind of bummed we chose this place first because when I got home that day, we had a mailer from Birch Aquarium telling us that members of the Birch Aquarium could go to the Living Coast Discovery Center for free in the month of March. Oh well, we’ll have to go back. We really did enjoy it and now that the weather’s a bit more cooperative, it might even be better.

I love how open this museum is. There are some trails we could follow to the beach. They are short and very easy to just walk around with the kids. I loved that we could be in nature, just how this area really is naturally. We had a great view of the city and of the Coronado bridge from where we were.

When you arrive at the parking lot, it is still a ways from the museum. There is a free shuttle from the parking lot to the museum entrance. The inside of the museum itself is quite small. It’s more of an aquarium. There is an octopus and a number of other fish. Then out back there is a big tank with sting rays and another big tank with small sharks and a few other fish. There is a short walk just outside the aquarium that takes you to see a few other animals, including a bunch of different birds. I hope we find time to go back this moth while we can still get in for free!


This starfish that captured a fish was so interesting to me


This big guy was moving all over the place

IMG_6536 IMG_6528

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